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    Testing Posting Images From Your PC


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    default Testing Posting Images From Your PC

    Post by joy on Fri Sep 09, 2016 10:41 am

    Click on to Host an image icon on the post window's tool bar. It's the 3rd icon left from the YouTube icon.A window will open. Click on the select files box. This will take you to your Windows Picture Folders. Select the image you want to post click Open it will then be uploaded to the image host Servmg which will give the image an URL like Photobucket does. Click send all - you can do several images at once but we can discuss this later. -After clicking on send all a green bar will appear showing the image is being uploaded. When the image is uploaded three lines of code will appear copy & paste he first line & click the Insert Image icon then paste code into the URL window as you would with images from Photobucket Google+ etc click insert & the image will appear in your post. It's best to type in your comments first. Click send as usual.


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